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Traveling by bicycle Stuttgart-Venice, any suggestions?


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pancho_lozada dice:

Traveling by bicycle Stuttgart-Venice, any suggestions?

Hello, my name is Pancho and i am a Mexican living in Stuttgart, Germany, i am planning to make a trip in the end of February from Stuttgart to Venice for ten days, i have already made some short trips in Germany but this time the weather is not  that great he he, but anyway i can´t plan this in some other time, i am now training in bad weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.) and i have good equipment and lots of motivation, can anyone that had already made some trips in bike in Europe in winter give me some advice, tips, or suggestions please? i am planning to stay this time in hostels to rest good and take advantage of the low season, plus a little bit less weight in my bike can add a bit more kilometers in my route, thanks a lot and good wind!